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All those interested in very good horned Hereford cattle that are reasonably priced give us a call! We will gladly show you the calves and the cows that raised them. Please contact us for availability.

Click on each calf to view a short video and more information. Bulls and heifers are for sale private treaty.

664D (43674581)

606D (43755814)

681D (43674442)

605D (43680618)


600D (43674346)

6107D (43674465)

641D (43684228)

628D (43755833)

633D (43755835)

646D (43674487)

623D (43755837)

617D (43680623)

624D (43684227)

662D (43674433)

613D (43674549)


631D (43674415)

648D (43674425)

629D (43755834)